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The choice of this colour shows that you are basically good-natured and loyal.

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You are sociable but at the same time you tend to be swayed by the opinions of other people. You are a generous soul, sincere at heart. Your gestures are friendly, and inspired by goodwill.

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More often than not, you are overtaken by feelings of wanton elation. If you have preference for yellow, it shows that you have a vivid imagination and lots of nervous energy. Your thoughts are clear and well organised.

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You may not show it, but you would actually love to be respected and admired for your prudence. Preference for the colour green shows that you are a dutiful citizen. You are not only aware but also sensitive to social customs, and bear a good name in your community. Your choice also indicates your honesty and straightforwardness.

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You have a normal sex drive and are very emotionally attached to your family. You have the potential to be an excellent teacher. If your personal colour is blue, you are introspective and purposeful by nature. You hold conservative beliefs and under stressful conditions, prefer to withdraw into gentler surroundings.

You seem to have a lot of control over your passions and desires, but are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, nonetheless. You are a loyal friend and would prefer to lead a sober life. You have a keen eye for detail, things which are normally overlooked by people.

Astrology: The Energy of Color

You are infuriated at the slightest provocation. You tend to be extremely effusive in your expressions of grief. On Friday the ascendant should wear White and Cream.

On Saturday, it is Royal Blue and Purple. And finally for Sunday white is the designated Color. Taurus ascendant needs to make sure that they do not wear Yellow or Orange color at all or should avoid using to their maximum capacity. The Gemini ascendant has Mercury as their Lord and hence the day for them is Wednesday. The color for Gemini native ascendant to be worn on Monday is Cream color. Sunday has Orange and Green as their assigned color for them.

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Gemini ascendant should avoid the color red at all given times. Wednesday is meant for Royal Blue and Thursday is to don Yellow. Sunday they should wear Red. The color Black, Grey, and Navy Blue are the colors Cancer ascendant should completely refrain from using in their lifetime.

With the King of All planets, the Sub as the Lord of the Leo ascendant; Sunday is the day allotted for the Leo native ascendant and the colors that are sure to bring good luck and prosperity for them are Orange, Yellow, and Mustard Yellow. Finally, Sunday is reserved for Orange and Red. Leo ascendant needs to omit Black and Grey shades of color from their life forever. On Wednesday they have Green as the color and Thursday is for Yellow.

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Sunday has Green and Orange allotted to it. It is imperative for the Virgo ascendant to refrain from the use of the color Red as their maximum. Venus is the Lord of the Libra ascendant and therefore Friday is the day that is considered the best day of the week for the zodiac. Wednesday means it is the day for Light blue while Thursday stands for Grey.

Friday means it is time for the Cream color to come out of the closet while Saturday is meant to flaunt Purple.

Sunday finally is to rock the White color in public. For Libra ascendant, it is imperative to avoid Yellow color at all the given time. For Monday, Scorpio ascendant should wear Cream and Pink. Thursday is to adorn the color Yellow and Friday means it is time for Citron Pista Green to come out of the closet. Saturday stands for White to be worn and Sunday is booked for Orange and Red. But the Scorpio ascendant needs to keep in mind that he or she needs to avoid Black and Navy Blue colors in their lifespan.

With the great Teacher Jupiter as the lord of the Sagittarius ascendant, Thursday is the day assigned to the Lord along with Yellow and Orange as the assigned shades to represent it. On Monday the Sagittarius ascendant should wear lemon Yellow color.

Colours of different planets in Astrology

On Tuesday Pink and White are to be worn. Wednesday Sagittarius native ascendant should wear Light Green whereas Thursday is reserved for Yellow. On Sunday it is Orange and Yellow.