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Nakshatras refer to the birth stars that occur in our galaxy. These are star signs or constellations that occur in the solar system and can help derive valuable predictions regarding any person.

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There are 27 lunar houses or Nakshatras and each one offers special attributes. The birth time and place of a person determines the nakshatra under which he or she falls. The nakshatra analysis services give detailed information about the personality of a particular person and also helps predict the future. It is a very complex method.

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So often, parents seek for the Hindu astrologers who have deep knowledge about these methods. Hindu astrologers have suggested that the birth of every child is governed by a particular Nakshartra, which should be used in deciding the first letter of the name of the child.

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അത്തം നക്ഷത്രത്തിൽ ജനിച്ചവരാണ് നിങ്ങൾ എങ്കിൽ ഇതു കാണാതെ പോകരുത് ATHAM

Your Name:. Send Close. Baby Names Filter. Known to be compassionate and strong-minded they have a strong work ethic and make loyal employees. However, they may have difficulty maintaining long-term employment as they are challenged by any sort of ongoing restrictions or supervision.

They tend to exhibit self-destructive behaviors when they have worked with the same organization for any length of time. This is a sort of survival skill they enlist to free themselves from their perceived enslavement. Their independent nature is more suitable to entrepreneurial activities and self-employment.

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They can achieve great success when they identify a profession that engages their intellect and provides the flexibility they require. The star Algorab brings these natives much business success. They must be mindful of their tendency toward aggression, lest it cause financial ruin and the loss of their good standing in the community.

They excel in many professions and are known for their skill in energy healing, palmistry, western medicine and massage.

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Their sharp minds and engaging sense of humor may lead the Hasta to the entertainment field; particularly comedy. Many Hasta follow a spiritual path and an innate tendency to live a life of service is felt by most. The Hasta also makes a fine counsellor. Tied to the hand symbol, many natives of Hosta are skilled craftspeople, artists or musicians.

If out of balance for any length of time, the hand may indicate illegal activity such as stealing. While their youth may be full of hardship and adversity, the native of Hasta generally has a pleasing family life. They tend to have successful marital relationships and lead a contented life together. These individuals are confronted with few health issues. They may be prone to persistent coughs, colds and asthma.