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There is likely to be many flashes of insight that come to you this week as you are being guided to be true to yourself and others. You may decide to detach from certain people this week so that you can feel yourself and decide without any outside influences. Follow those hunches and urges to seek out information and guidance of a spiritual nature. The Tower is often depicted with flashes of lightning descending from the heavens striking a tower and breaking its structure, the symbolism of this card is guiding you to look up for the answers and solutions, you will likely have an influx of signs, symbols and messages helping you to create better outcomes and further future happiness.

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If there is any particular situation where you are the source of encouragement and guidance for others, you are likely to feel appreciated for being there. Others are drawn to you because you have been through so much in your own life that you radiate compassion and empathy, therefore drawing others to you that seek your council and guidance.

If you have been waiting to hear a response regarding some form of dispute, this week could see resolution, cooperation and an agreement be made.

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Sometimes Justice can signify an inner alchemical transformation, whereby you can seek, create and attain balance in your emotional and intellectual life. Sometimes people spend years trying to achieve such balance, this week Justice is helping you to see and feel things more clearly, therefore striking harmony and balance in whichever area of life you choose to focus on your awareness on. The Ten of Swords comes to us when we are looking for respite, relief and when we are hopeful to bring something to an end that has been causing us stress.

As with all endings, new beginnings are promised. It appears that there has been a great journey for you to get to this point, something is concluding. When we carve out space in our lives in this way we create an environment where peace, healing and authentic communication with ourselves and others can emerge. This week is likely to feel as if your state of mind he is having a spring clean, expect to see things more clearly and understanding to emerge about why this has been necessary.

Try to be gentle with yourself and give yourself space and time you need to start again. Sometimes the Ten of Pentacles can signify laying down roots in a new way of making a commitment towards the future in some way. The future is bright and your ability to grow your abundance is increasing. The Page of Wands signifies an emergence of a playful spirit and also an increase in inquisitiveness in regards to leisure and creative pursuits.

Whichever it is, the Page of Wands is guiding you towards having more fun this week and helping you to seek out activities and situations that make you feel like a child again. You can help the Page of Wands work its magic this week by asking yourself what it is that you used to love doing when you were small.

For example, you may have had an obsession with cameras when you were younger but have since I have gotten used to just taking pictures with your phone, this is a brilliant week to look back and get out some of your old cameras or search for some.

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The young are the harbingers and messengers of how to truly play and have fun, they are little Buddhas, constantly in the present. Gorgeous Pisces, kick your shoes off and have fun, enjoy this weeks energy of discovery, play and inquisitiveness.

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Need some help choosing a word of the year, or with making some delicious plans and goals and dreams for ? Download your free copy of the Decoding the Year workbook. Email box not showing up? You seem to have had a busy year. Hope is equally satisfying for you. I love chosing a word for the year. Somehow it sets the tone for the year. Bloom was a good word, indeed! I just wish to do my best today and live as happily as I can! A lovely reflection, post, Shinjini. Imposter syndrome is a killer; glad you noticed and intend to work on that. What a lovely reflection! The details provided in the 'Almanac' can help you to time events in your life so that you initiate all new plans during auspicious periods, hence bringing fruitful results. If you have had an astrology report , you will know what are periods are auspicious for you. What is ' Rahu Kal '? Financial problems ruin your ability to think constructively.

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Daughter illness would upset your mood. Give her your love to lift her spirit as she overcomes her ailment.