Birthday 9 numerology

You may have a tendency towards nervousness, sensing any and all social imbalances around you, and you are highly likely to go through very powerful and formative emotional experiences during your Productive Cycle. Three is the most outgoing and social of numbers. You will thrive in any career where your natural creativity and enthusiasm can be put to good use. You have a lively and engaging way of expressing yourself and this gives you the ability to present, demonstrate or speak before the public.

Combined with your love of social activities and your gift of spontaneity, a career in the creative arts or entertainment could bring you much fulfilment.

The Meaning of Number 18

You are highly likely to bring a lot of laughter and enjoyment to people as you move through the phases of your life, so finding a way to combine this with business will bring you maximum success during your Productive Cycle. Your inherent talents for organization, loyalty and responsibility are tremendous career assets for you, especially in your Productive Cycle.

During this time of life, you are likely to establish yourself as a true person of substance and display an impressive ability to stay on task despite distractions. Although you can be stubborn at times, your persistence and drive help you to push through obstacles that would cause others to turn away in defeat! And whilst you may feel you lack some spontaneous or carefree qualities that others possess, your grounded nature and thorough approach to life is a real inspiration to many you meet.

In fact, unless at the centre of a whirlwind of activity, you can quite quickly become bored. But this flexibility may sometimes cause you to spread yourself too thin and wind up feeling adrift, and without any proper roots. If you can find ways to slow down just a little, and create some structure in your life, then your innate talents will really be able to flourish. You are driven to achieve, and success will come quickly, especially during your Cycle of Productivity. Unlike some highly ambitious people who seek the acknowledgement of others, you are more concerned with expressing your love and using your abilities to serve the greater good.

It is very important for you to develop the positive aspects of the 6, and balance your role of service with some self-care, because without this the negative attributes of this Birthday Number can lead to excessive or fanatical efforts to control others.

Your Numerology Chart: What Does Your Birthday Number Mean For You?

You work very well in groups or organizations, especially those with a family feel, so if you can find good, honest companies to work with during your Productive Cycle, your work will truly affect great change in the world. This vibration is one that flourishes in solitude: you are capable of working on your own and are driven more by concepts and ideas than you are by material ambitions.

Yours is the most naturally intuitive Birthday Number, and your intelligence helps you excel in either the world of business and science, or the realms of mysticism, art and fantasy, but rarely both. Love is the primary source of inspiration in all that you do, so tap into this inner well and you will find it to be unending. Your Cycle of Productivity may bring a major shift in your career goals, as your true calling may only reveal itself to you later in life.

Your incredible mind does deserve recognition and reward, so it may be important for you to reach out to external structures of business or academia, for example for help, to actually make a good living, if this kind of know-how is not your forte. You have a natural talent for building, managing and developing. Your Birthday Number has the capacity to attract material wealth in all its forms, especially during your Cycle of Productivity, so use this power wisely.

You also have the rare ability to take command and lead when necessary, whether you choose these roles or not. Inspiring others through your actions brings great responsibility, so you must work to develop the utmost integrity. Nines contain a vision that is all-encompassing: global, internal, intuitive, knowledgeable and willing to make sacrifices. A love of travel or exploring the unknown is usually possessed by those who have this Birthday Number.

Coupled with a love of culture and some literary skill and ability, these people often engage writing, speaking or teaching at some point during the Cycle of Productivity. You also have a strong artistic gift, and may also forgo material ambitions for your creative pursuits, at which you may be very successful! But the added zero means that you function with slightly emphasized qualities of the 1: You are driven, ambitious and a powerful self-starter who, regardless of career, strives to get ahead in life. You tend more towards logic than emotion and generally make decisions based on what personal advantage can be gained.

You are highly likely to achieve your goals as a direct result of your unstoppable drive, especially during your Productive Cycle. As a child, you may have been very dependent on others, having not yet gained enough life experience to work with your full potential. If your individuation has not yet been realized, you may tend toward nervous tension. But entering into your Productive Cycle, your high ideals and courageous determination will shine through! Many see you as a true shining light in the world, you may have powerful healing capacities or incredibly progressive ideas. This compound number also shows characteristics of both the 1 and the 2, which means that underpinning your fun and creative outlook, you are driven by action, purpose and genuine self-confidence.

You are friendly, diplomatic, and strive to use your creativity and sense of humor to bring people together, like the Birthday Number 2, finding the common ground between people, rather than focusing on differences. The combination of numbers you carry means that you are one of those rare folk who can stay in charge in both social and business situations. But you do have a tendency to jump from one thing to another. During this time of life, you are likely to establish yourself as a person of substance and display an impressive ability to stay on task despite distractions.

This compound number also shows characteristics of both the 1 and the 3, which means that underpinning your serious, structured outlook, you are driven by action and purpose. You also have a great sense of humor and the rare gift of combining a practical and methodical mindset with a light-hearted and easy-going approach to life. During your Cycle of Productivity, your leadership skills will become prominent, but you must also learn to lean on others. In fact, your propensity to find order in chaos could be exactly what draws it to you!

This compound number also shows characteristics of both the 1 and the 4, which means that underpinning your footloose outlook to life, you have an incredible ability to coordinate and lead, skills which are terrific assets to you during your Productive Cycle.

Your creativity and sense of adventure could be applied in a more traditionally stable career, probably indicating that your rise in life will come from your ingenuity and unique outlook within one area. And I am an idealist, which makes life difficult. All my life I have always felt something higher calling me. I used to feel alone as a kid because of the relationships I had with both of my parents.

It is not their fault though they do their best with me. It has by no means been an easy year but I have been more happy and centered than ever before.

Birthday Number 9 – Job and Career

I am experiencing life like never before and I am embarking on New Journeys that will amazing. I feel blessed that I was sent guides along the way. Bob Marley is such a 9 though and I always felt a special connection with him when I listened to his music. What a beautiful transformation you have allowed for yourself!

The complete coming a part in order to come together in a more whole and loving way. I am glad you are listening to the music of a fellow 9 person! I also invite you to go out in nature to strengthen your heart. You are a brave soul and you have not only blessed yourself by your work and commitment, you have healed us all!!

A very informative article, thank you! The characteristics all tie up with my Eastern and Western horoscopes as well. I however, get confused in the process of adding the numbers. In fact, for long I thought I was an 8, using your calculation method. Some authors say the correct way to add is to separate the addition for each — the day, month and year — then adding the subtotals — which makes me a 9. Why is there no consensus in the calculation method? By phrasing your wish this way, you are breaking one of the rules in making your wish come true.

I would recommend to start with the following two articles on the website:. For more advanced knowledge or personal guidance you might want to consider services section of the website. Its crazy bc i knew 9 was s strong number for me my condo unit address is i knew only the basics that 9 was completion x finality. Ive been writing a book on this very essence bc it is manifesting itself and i had no way to release so i began to write in a journal back in and i now know what my purpose is…..

This is a needed confirmation. This really hit close to home, it was perfectly alined with my life like, it all made sense but the influence by father thing was correct on the major scale, the want to please everyone but hurt no one, the struggle to find the right person, all of this described my life, even some of the… Negative things.

Thank you for this. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 0b6eeb0a38b9afa36be. You may have a desire to give, but will give to the wrong people for the wrong reasons, one of which is guilt.

Some 9s are adept at making others feel guilty, using misfortune as an excuse to take rather than give. Global awareness may also exist, but from a fearful, bigoted and non-accepting point of view. Insight may come, but is then rejected. Emotions are expressed but held on to instead of being released. The courage that is typical of those on the 9 Life Path is then expressed through misplaced anger instead of self-acceptance and fairness. When 9 is experienced in this way, the energy becomes extremely selfish and lacking compassion.

Fortunately, most 9s do not stay in this dark and lonely place for long. The 9 mind evolves in ways that others may not experience. This enables you to feel your feelings in their most profound and diverse forms. You often have to travel in what seems like the wrong direction — backwards — in order to go forward.

Birthday Number 9 - Numerology Center

The 9 Life Path is so complex and multi-layered that you cannot help but become involved in the metaphysics of life. You have an insatiable appetite for the spiritual and psychological. A basic understanding of reincarnation is desirable because this lifetime is likely to be your last. It is because you have seen and done it all before.

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You have existed in every form, color, race, creed, gender, and circumstance. You have traveled every walk of life. Of course, this does not mean that you have learned all you need to learn, and your experiences in this lifetime will make that very clear. You must live this life fully, finish what you start, tie up the loose ends, and gain experience from past and present mistakes. All of this can seem like a daunting task. Or, in a different light, it can be an exciting and fulfilling adventure. Your live-and-let-live attitude is a beautiful part of who you are, but it can also backfire on you.

You will understand that nobody owes you anything, and that there is no one to whom you are obligated, either. Then you will be able to move away from the guilt that often plagues the 9 who does not know what it means to be a 9, and you will understand just how beautiful the act of selfless giving actually is.

And you cannot keep giving without replenishing your stock, whether it be energy or material things. Aim for quality rather than quantity. The 9 Life Path gives you the gift of versatility. There is very little to which you cannot relate and you probably know a little bit about everything. Therefore, it is necessary to specialize in something in which you are passionately interested.

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Otherwise, you cannot help but suffer the pain of feeling unfulfilled. Self-fulfilment, usually through creativity and helping others, is one of the beautiful gifts that 9 offers. This makes it difficult to focus on one thing at a time. You may spread yourself too thin, unable to concentrate long enough to gain the necessary experience or expertise.

You may already be doing pretty well in life, but there is no telling just how much you can accomplish with focus. It is up to you to recognize your speciality, your passion , and give it the focus it deserves. You have a tendency to waste your time, energy, opportunities and resources on unimportant matters. Recognize where you are torturing yourself emotionally over matters you can do absolutely nothing about. When you realize that this is what you so often do to yourself, it will be easier to accept the past, let it go, and move on to a more comfortable reality.

Ultimately, you are learning how to let go. You may question how it is possible to be the loving and generous person you know you are when you may have to hurt yourself or others in the process of letting go.